Vegan Gifts with a Difference

Well Christmas is just around the corner and I am wondering what can I buy my vegan friend. For his birthday I did the meal which went down a real treat but now I’m thinking what gift can I give him that is a bit different but also fits in with his new vegan lifestyle. When I typed in a google search for vegan gifts one of the top websites I found was cafepress who product a variety of clothes with vegan quotes as show here.
However I didn’t just want a t-shirt with “I’m a vegan” on I wanted to find something more classy that would quietly promote the ethos of being a vegan. I wanted to find something that would show him I was supporting his new lifestyle and thinking about what he was passionate about. To my surprise I found that there were lots of fashionable collections on the high street that promoted fair trade and eco friendly products which fell nicely into the vegan category and also did not cost the earth.

Vegan gifts in the accessory category

After trawling through the fashionable wear I eventually settled on buy him a backpack. I found a wonderful company called Patagonia which was a very ethical company that supplies outdoor clothing, sportswear and gear. The backpack I chose was made of recycled polyester and was waterproof. It was ideal as it also had an area for a tablet or laptop which was padded. There were lots pockets and the shoulder straps were nice and wide so that they would be comfortable. Here is a video of it:

I bought it online from a company called Natural Collection and found that it came in several different colours however I chose the quieter black one. I’m sure he will love it and it will have lots of use both for recreational activity and going to work as it is really versatile.