What Vegan presents can you give the man that has everything?

My friend has just decided that he wants to become a vegan and he is doing really well with his new diet. His reason for changing to a vegan diet was purely to improve his health as he was aware that a vegan diet can make you have more energy. As the diet is mostly plant based it is full of protein, calcium and iron and also has a wealth of other vitimins to promote your wellbeing. He told me that it could also help him with his weight as he needed to lose a few pounds but him main concern was that it would reduce his chances of getting heart disease which was a fear of his as his dad died young of a heart attack.

So being the good friend I am I thought I’d encourage him and get him some vegan presents for his birthday. When I started to look I initially thought he would be stuck eating the same foods however to my amazement there were so many foods and so many recipies. So I decided that I would cook a vegan meal as a surprise for his birthday.

What vegan presents can I find in the food isles at the supermarket?

vegan presents

Vegan presents presented as a birthday meal is a great idea however you need to be prepared and make sure you have all the ingredients bought ready. The vegan diet is filled with fruits, vegetables, beans, pusles, grains and grains anything that can be grown really. I decided to make 3 courses starting with a butternut squash soup. This was followed by a vegetable curry filled with chunks of root vegetables served on a bed of brown rice, For dessert I made a lemon cake using vegan margarine and soya flour.

The day of his birthday came and I have to say he was thrilled and really enjoyed the meal. What is more I suprised myself as I really loved the new recipies.

What is cruelty free perfume?

Someone recently pointed out to me that when purchasing my perfume I should consider cruelty free perfume. I looked a little puzzled as I had heard of make-up and cosmetics being free of animal testing but did not consider that perfumes also can include animal extracts and be tested on animals. It is true that lots of animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, birds and monkeys and even our domestic pets such as cats and dogs are used for experimentation and product testing. These animals die suffering in extreme pain so that we can have our smelly perfumes.

With this in mind I have decided that before I buy anymore perfume I will first find out if animals have been used in the testing of the product. I have done quite a bit of research on this and have found that there are lots of suppliers out there that promote perfume that excludes animal testing.

Cruelty free perfume suppliers

I’ve found that there are many companies that are committed to making their products without testing them on animals. In fact there is a cruelty free list of companies that don’t test on animals available on line. However I could ask how do we really know if the company’s cruelty free perfume hasn’t been tested on animals. Can we really trust what these companies say. If a company has announced that their products are free of animal testing then if they are then found to be lying then they can face lawsuits and also it would be a marketing disaster with plummetting sales. Lots of companies have now subscrived to PETA which allow them to show a cruelty free logo on their products these companies are vetted regularly so when you see the logo you can buy with confidence.

I also found another logo that is often found on cosmetics and perfumes which are free of animal testing and it is the leaping bunny. Any products with this logo are certified as free from animal testing.